Any Good Canoeing Books?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I know I asked this question before The Crash but didn't write down the answer (and I am serious about finding one). Does anyone know of a favorite book showing best places to paddle in New England - New York especially. I am interested in lakes not rivers.
Adirondack Canoe Waters - North Flow by Paul Jamieson (the bible)

Adirondack Canoe Waters - South and West Flow by Alec Proskine

Canoeing Central New York by William Ehling

The Adirondack Mountain Club Canoe Guide to Western and Central New York State by Mark Freeman

Take a Paddle: Western New York Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks by Rich Freeman

Quiet Water Canoe Guide: New York by Alex Wilson, John Hayes

Well, you get the picture. Go to Amazon and search on Canoeing New York and you'll get lots...

See also for even more.

AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) has Flatwater, actually I think they call them Quiet Water guides and River guides for each of the New England states, as well. They are available at many outdoors stores. You can probably find them at Amazon thru this website too.