Any good books?

Brad C

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
As we head into winter and find more time to stay inside and read, are there any good books you can recommend?
Some of my favorite books (canoe related) is Great Heart by James West Davidson & John Rugge
Canoeing With the Cree, Eric Sevareid
An interesting old book is Paddle and Portage from Moosehead Lake to the Aroostook River Maine by Thomas Sedgwick Steele (copyright 1882)

Any interesting adventure books are welcome
For anyone looking for a few good books:

True North by Elliott Merrick
In Northern Labrador by William Brooks Cabot
Sleeping Island by P. G. Downes
The Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace
The Long Labrador Trail by Dillon Wallace
A Woman's Way Across Unknown Labrador by Mina Hubbard
The Woman Who Mapped Labrador by Mina Hubbard et al
New York to Nome by Rick Steber
A Canoeist's Sketchbook by Robert Kimber
The Family Canoe Trip by Carl Shepardson et al
Voyage of the Paper Canoe by Nathaniel Bishop
Dangerous River by R. M. Patterson
The Wood Canvas Canoe by Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow
Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson
Voyage of the Ant by James Dina
The Art of the Canoe with Joe Seliga by Jerry Stelmok
Canoe Camping by G. Heberton Evans, III
Canoeing Wilderness Waters by G. Heberton Evans, III
Beyond the Paddle by Garrett Conover
The Snow Walker's Companion by Alexandra and Garrett Conover
When the Chestnut was in Flower by Roger MacGregor
The Old Town Canoe Company by Susan Audette
The Canoe Guide's Handbook by Gil Gilpatrick
Building a Strip Canoe by Guy Gilpatrick
Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building by Susan Van Leuven
Feather Canoes by Mac MacCarthy
Building the Maine Guide Canoe by Jerry Stelmok
We Live in Alaska by Bud and Connie Helmericks
We Live in the Arctic by Bud and Connie Helmericks
Summer with the Eskimos by Bud and Connie Helmericks
Our Alaskan Winter by Bud and Connie Helmericks

And, you know that's just for starters. Those are just off the top of my head. There are lots more out there. Some of these are in print and some will have to be gotten through Interlibrary Loan.

Happy Reading!
And, here's a few more:

The New Way of the Wilderness by Calvin Rutstrum
North American Canoe Country by Calvin Rutstrum
A Wilderness Autobiogralphy by Calvin Rutstrum
Once Upon a Wilderness by Calvin Rutstrum
The Wilderness Life by Calvin Rutstrum
Chips from a Wilderness Log by Calvin Rutstrum
Back Country by Calvin Rutstrum
The Wilderness Cabin by Calvin Rutstrum
The Wilderness Route Finder by Calvin Rutstrum
Paradise Below Zero by Calvin Rutstrum
The Forest by Stewart Edward White
Camp and Trail by Stewart Edward White
Canoe Rig by Todd Bradshaw
The Canoe by John Jennings
Birchbark by John Jennings
Woodcraft by George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)
Canoeing the Adirondacks with Nessmuk by George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)
An Adirondack Passage by Christine Jerome
Adventures in the Wilderness by William H. H. Murray
Pilgrims of the Wild by Grey Owl (Archibald Belany)
Men of the Last Frontier by Grey Owl (Archibald Belany)
Tales of an Empty Cabin by Grey Owl (Archibald Belany)
Fire in the Bones by James Raffan
Path of the Paddle by Bill Mason
Song of the Paddle by Bill Mason
The Complete Wilderness Paddler by John Rugge and James West Davidson
Shantyboat by Harlan Hubbard
Arctic Daughter by Jean Aspen
The Story of the Chestnut Canoe by Kenneth Solway
The Willits Brothers and Their Canoes by Patrick Chapman
The Lonely Land by Sigurd Olson
Listening Point by Sigurd Olson
The Singing Wilderness by Sigurd Olson
Arctic Adventures by Ian and Sally Wilson
Wilderness Journey by Ian and Sally Wilson
The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails by David L. Nichols
Rushton and his Times in American Canoeing by Atwood Manley
Nahanni Trailhead by Joanne Moore
I Live in the Woods by Paul Provencher
Cache Lake Country by John J. Rowlands
Enchanted Vagabonds by Dan Lamb

There are many more that I have read on Interlibrary Loan that I cannot remember the titles offhand. One book often leads to another as I scan the bibliography.

I am sure we can keep this thread going and going as we add other titles.

A new book I just bought is The Lure of Faraway Places by Herb Pohl. Herb was a canoeist who loved to travel solo in out of the way places. He died in 2006 at the mouth of the Michipcoten River doing what he loved, and leaving his unpublished manuscript. I haven't finished reading it yet so I can't tell you much more. I met Herb several years ago at the Snow Walker's Meeting in Fairlee, VT so I am looking forward to enjoying this book with him.
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good books

Above The Gravel Bar
David Cook

Indian (whoops ) thats Native American canoe routes in maine
David is an archeoligist, canoist, writer and grew up next door to Myron Smart
As I mentioned in a previous post about David Cook's book . There is also a book on Michigan portages by Jim Woodruff. intitled " Locating Michigan's Old Canoe Portages" Two volumes. He also has several other Michigan canoe related books. They are all self published. Jim can be reached by email at: I want to make clear that I get nothing for recommending these books but I have read a number and found them good. Peace, Denis
A few more

On your own in the wilderness Col. Townsend Whelen
The Voyageur Highway Grace Lee Nutte
The Open Canoe Bill Riviere
Pole, Paddle and Portage Bill Riviere
The Canoe Campers Handbook Ray Bearse
Exploring the Fur trade Routes Of North America
(driving directions to 130 sites) Barbara Huck

and my fav,, My Storys fact or fiction,,, Dan Boles:D
Missed one

Maine Woods - Thoreau
His Indian guide sure called it right when he spoke of Mud Pond Carry!
Lotsa good stuff listed, but all so serious. How about a little cornball humor

They Shoot Canoes, Don't They

or most anything from one of the deans of outdoor writing, Patrick F. McManus
Wow! I'll have to take some time off from work to get some reading done.
I have several of the books listed, but there are lots that I have not heard of.
I am reading Thoreau's The Maine Woods now as I found out about a nice website from Jerry Stelmok
Thanks for all the great ideas. Now I can add 50 books to my Christmas list.

Brad C
Hot off the press,

"Paddling, Portaging and Pageantry" (2007) by Doreen Guilloux chronicles the 1967 (Canadian) Centennial Pageant, a 104 day canoe race from Rocky Mountain House, Alta. to Montreal, Quebec following voyageurs routes.

See; "Journey of 100 paddlers a hot tale"
How about another one for humor:

It is a Wise Woodsman Who Knows What's Biting Him by Richard Frisbie
Here are a few:

Here are a few more:

Freshwater Saga; Eric Morse
Discovering Eden; Alex Hall
A Death on the Barrens; George Grinnell
Canoeing A Continent; Max Finkelstein
The Cabin; Hap Wilson
Woods and Lakes of Maine; Lucius L. Hubbard
Black Spruce Journals, Stewart Coffin - I think this book just came out. It is about tripping in Maine and Eastern Canada and I just started it, so I can't critique it.

I probably read, "The Survival of the Bark Canoe", twice a year. I love the trip dynamics. I think we've all been on trips like that.

Cheers (It's a bit early for cabin fever isn't it Brad?),