Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
The WCHA website seems to be getting a redesign. In “tidbits,’ I notice an old article of mine, published in AMC Outdoors, has turned up. (Actually this was a short version of a piece that Boundary Waters Journal published in its entirety.)

Looking through all the pieces in tidbits reminded me of a notion I had once and ran by Bill Conrad on the occasion of the 25th Assembly. I wonder if it is not time to look into publishing a book based on the accomplishments of the WCHA in keeping the wooden canoe alive and well, sort of an anthology based on all the things that have been learned and done through this “museum-without-walls” that is the WCHA.

I have no idea how to make this happen—or even what I have in mind as “the book.” I see it possibly as a comprehensive anthology on the history of the famous makers, stories of individuals who have rebuilt boats, the small shops that have started—complete with lots of gorgeous color photos and even “how-to” articles. Both the journal, Wooden Canoe, and the Discussion Forum are places that should be harvested for articles that should be complied into a book.