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Denis M. Kallery

Passed Away July 3, 2012
In Memoriam
For you folks out in the Maine area. While I was out in Maine back is September I had a chance to visit with David S. Cook. He has written a book entitled "Above the Gravel Bar - the native canoe routes of Maine" . Though I don't live out there I have found the book fascinating. Dave has immense knowledge of Indian history and language. He explains locations and history of portages [carries to you Mainers]. He has two Myron Smart canoes and knew Myron for a long time. He lives in Winthrop, Maine. The book was published by Polar Bear & Company, P.O. Box 311 Solon, Maine 04979 207-643-2795 You can also look Dave up on the internet.
I think it would be great fun to find and use some of the portages he writes about. Have fun!!:D
Hi Denis

Ever consider the U.P. version? Native routes of Northern Michigan. There must be many historical routes in your area.
There is also a set of books written by Jim Woodruff. The title is"Locating Michigans Old Canoe Portages" second edition. It is a two volume set. The first volume discusses the portages and the second has maps. Although I have not finished it yet it is complete. Also interesting reading. Kathy and I plan to check out some of those refered to for the U.P. I had planned on commenting on these when I finished reading them, and will.
These are self published by Jim as are his other books all of which sound fascinating. Jim can be reached by snail mail at:6506 Old River Rd., Lansing, Mi. 48917
Peace, Denis