Another Spring


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Just realized the 1st day of spring was a week ago.How are things springing up for everyone.Stll dealing with ice? The smaller lakes here that did freeze are losing the ice and opening up.
Canoeing weather getting warmer.
We made another winter
Hey dan,
Spring is here, plum tree is in blossum and had the lawn mower out today. :D I just wish the wind would die down for some paddling,, maybe by Wednesday.
SWMBO and I took the latest addition to our W/C collection out for a short paddle yesterday; our first of the year. The water was cold, the air was quite cool, and there was a fair amount of wind with which to contend, but it felt great to finally get our paddles wet. :D
Fish Story

Well young Nimrod Brendan and I took the White Guide out for a paddle on White's Pond yesterday to try and get a fish to go for a streamer or two. No luck. Brendan resorted to a plastic worm, still no luck.:eek:

We did get plenty of practice paddling upwind in a blow!!!!!!:eek:
Were not as cold as Dan B, but our snow will be gone here in the south in a day or two, it was rainly lightly this AM. Still plenty of ice on the lakes though.
Ice out up North is likely still a month away.