and an old mess!

funeral or restore?

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bob goeckel

Wooden Canoe Maniac
viking funeral? or restore?


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no doubt about it, you should abandon immediately and buy something else; a trapper for example.:D
Cannot Stop Now!


After the completion of that beautiful Morris, how can you stop...looks like this is a perfect winter project.

Ric Altfather

There's not enough info to make a decision.

What is it? How many others are waiting in line? How bad is it?
Do you know anybody else looking for a project?

If it's a OT and you have 7-8 waiting, and it's 1/2 rotted, maybe a funeral, but if any of the above are no, well, then you've got a project.

Hey - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Doing it for a client or personal use?
My 5 Dollars (Two Cents US)

The question isn't restore or not.

It's "Can I store it out of the way so I can think about it more?"

I'm a packrat so I'd at least keep it until some divine guidance gave me a push!
Bring it to Assembly

Fix'er up and tote it to Assembly so you can re-launch it on Keuka where it was born!!
Not enough info ??

How many ribs needto be replaced?
How many square feet of planking will be needed?
Gunwales always need to be replaced anyway?
How bad are the bow stems?
bill, if i have enough material for a new canoe i can probably restore it. then i'll have a new canoe! it's that bad! dave wermuth said he wouldn't give it to me at first because i'd be mad at him,well..... i'm not speaking to him!!!!:mad: ( just kiddding dave). not sure of the model, i need to call him when i start talking to him again.:D
that's where it was built? if i spend the money needed to fix it i can't afford the trip. besides why would anyone leave beautiful flint,mich.:D
this is what it needs.

'whales-in and out
Actually the wood is completely rotted. it is almost back to dust. Brenda told him he was crazy. the only thing to do would be to bleach it, varnish it, display it as an example of what happens if you pile brush on it for 20 years. A lady in my dad's church gave it to me, I gave her some money for lunch. It was under a brush pile in the woods. i made a form from it. I gave it away. It lay in the dirt in a chicken coop for two years. it came back. I put it in the barn. I tricked Bob into taking it home. Proving Brenda is right. Another good survey would be how long it'll be before Bob talks to me again. the new canoe i am building from the form is pretty cool.
I take that back, maybe I haven't seen worse. Maybe it is time for a funeral pyre. At least it'll warm you up for ten minutes or so...
back to primary use

When I used to whittle I would take wook from the firewood pile, therefore it could always go back to its original purpose. It sounds like this canoe could go into the wood stove pictured in Bob's show and keep him warm while he works on another winter project.