"Buffalo Chips" Back At it.

Good Cookies

Last October, Mic Meyer and his 7th and 8th grade Tech Club students were sprung with another fixer upper. It looked to be a 18' OT basket case, that it's owner was preparing for a proper Viking funeral. So they said let's do it again after just finishing a complete restoration on another 18 OT. These inner city kids are so amped up to be part of a project like this. We are starting to develop some pretty decent craftsman from all this Tomfoolery. Anyway after 18 replaced ribs, 100 bf of planking, 11/2lbs of tacks they are putting on the final touches. The owner funded this project and payed to get his family boat back. Just yesterday, the Buffalo Chips just received another donation, just in time to keep these animals busy. It looks it be a Shell Lake, that should not be as nearly as intense as the last project. We will keep you posted.


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two corrections

I think Tomfoolery should be one word. And Nice Shell lake is an oxymoron. But other than that---WELL DONE. Well done indeed.

ON the Shell Lake---you'll see what I mean when you start taking it apart. I do think the threaded rod through the deck is a good feature tho.

regards, Dave.