No Octane Regatta?

Andy Hutyera

The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member
Does anyone know anything about the No Octane Regatta at the Adirondack Museum? I checked their website and it shows "Splash Into Summer" on the weekend of June 17 which is about when the Regatta is usually held. Last year we were well represented and my wife and I would like to participate again. We had a great time last year despite cold weather.
Its a long story, but the No-Octane Regatta has been cancelled for this year, at least. There will be no on the water events, except the kids paddling workshop that was held last year will take place (and is being funded by a grant from WCHA).

I don't have all the details, but there will be special events happening on the museum grounds that weekend. There will be the Wooden Boat Expo (power boats) again. I'm hoping it will be opened up to small craft in general. WCHA will be putting up a tent on the grounds and anyone who wishes to help is welcome to. I'll post more details as I have them.

We do intend to do some paddling as well. Hallie is going to try to make up a self guided tour of the Eckford chaining, noting the locations of historic sites and events. We will still do some sort of potluck dinner at one of the cabins one or both evenings.