Blue Mountain Lake Adirondacks


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The family vacation begins next week in the Adirondacks. We will be on a small lake not far from Lake George. I will take my kayak as I am not ready to drive my 3 yr. old alone in the Otca. But we are planning to go guide boating on Blue Mountain Lake, near the Adirondack Museum. Any tips of fishing the lake or good spots on the water there? Thanks!
I work for the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation. You will be in some of the finest fishing areas in the state up there. Lake George has a great 2 story fishery (warm and cold), but especially on weekends, boat traffic is crazy. Try the Schroon River outside Warrensburgh for some great paddling and fishing.

Poke around this website for more ideas.

Here is also the Hotline" info for that area

Send me e-mail info and I'll give you my phone #. I'm about an hour south of Lake George,
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