A request for Kathy Klos

Mark Adams

all wood nut

Could you put together one of your fantastic little youtube videos of all the Rushton canoes there at Assy? I'd love to see the all wood types as well. The IG video was good, but the all woodies need coverage too!

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I'm On It!

When I made the IG video, those were the only Rushtons present (this was the day before Assembly), and I now have so much footage (is it "footage" with video?) that I'll have to spend a lot of time putting it together-- for instance, I have close-ups of all the Rushton boats, and separately I have Dan's talk about them, so I thought I'd make several videos and consolidate the information. I may do this once we get home because there's too much to do now that Assembly is in full-swing.

Denis counted over 230 wooden canoes yesterday (Friday), and I have "footage" of many of them.

I also plan to put a video on YouTube of our accommodations here at Paul Smith's. It's simply wonderful, and I would like to re-live my life and go to college here... but thought since the Assembly will be in this location next year that I might lure some of you who are on the fence about attending. We have loved every minute. Next year's topic-canoe is Old Town.