A question about using Git Rot

ken mueller

Canton, Ohio
I will be using Git Rot for the first time, on the tops of ribs and also on stem tips. Other than the enclosed directions, are there any suggestions/cautions for applying this mixture? Also, I did not see in the instructions how long I have until the mixture hardens. Thanks for any help!
Git Rot

Git Rot is very fluid and takes about 12 hrs. to soak in and set. Be sure too drill holes as per instructions.
Thanks, Dave. I would guess that on the top of the ribs where they are split, I wouldn't have to drill any holes, just fill in the cracks as best I can.
You want to be aware that the Git Rot is not a gap filler or a glue like normal epoxy would be. If you want to do any glueing or gapfilling you have to want until the Git Rot is completly cured, which may take several days. Other wise the epoxy will not stick to the Git Rot! It doesn't seem to make sense because they are so closely related but thats the way the chemicals works!