A promise is a promise

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I promised Kathy I'd post a photo of a canoe that is very close to dust. Well I finally was in the neighborhood where this canoe is on it's final journey.


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Very Cool

Thanks, Dave...The old canoe is sheer poetry!

I plan to print off pictures to use the next time we do a WCHA canoe display at a sporting show. I like pointing out to people that a wooden boat is "green", even if it's red or orange: you can restore them over and over, or let them go into the ground.

It is just sitting at the edge of the road. Other than canvas, paint, varnish, planking, ribs, thwarts, gunnells, and decks it's in pretty good shape.

I am of the thought to let the earth have it back.

did someone mention poetry?

there are flowers in the canoe that I go by every day
Sometimes i stop to pick some and then go on my way
and should my day be foul or even it it's fair
i can gaze upon the flowers and know the canoe is still there.

Dave - ism
Not a total loss

It actually looks in better shape than 2 I already restored and one that is yet to be restored. But, I'd hate to disrupt a garden. Anyone see what kind it was?
Looks Canadian... Dave could maybe list it on eBay as a *rare* Vintage Cedar Canoe, Possibly Peterborough or Chestnut--- and he'd be more correct than some on there... especially the "rare" part.
My guess

My guess is that it is Canadian canoe company. It looked Canandian to me. was not able to chek the stems for numbers. :-]
some of the canvas is there and one deck is original.
The babiche seats mounted high, close to the stern and the inwale caps indicate that it is a Quebec Huron style canoe although most had thick,heart shaped decks. Don't bother digging to find numbers, they didn't have any.


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