Paddling the Pine Barrens


Everytime I see another photo of WCHA members paddling the Pine Barrens I'm disappointed that I didn't get to go, too! So, if anyone is planning a chapter trip in the Pine Barrens I'd like to be invited. My canoe and I are well behaved, I promise:).

Andy Lee
Buena Vista, Virginia 24416
Cell: 540-784-0016
Which ones?

Are you talking about the Pine barrens in NY, NJ, PA or WI?

I know the feeling; everytime I hear about someones trip to BWCA or Quetico, I feel sick that I've tried planning to paddle these two areas for 20 years with others and the trip always falls apart at the last minute. I wish I could find someone reliable who wasn't afraid to "rough-it" who could also handle a canoe well so I could go to these places before I die. THe older I get, the more this bothers me.
Wow, that many Pine Barrens?

I was referring to NJ, but am glad to hear NY, PA and WI also have pine barrens. As for BWCA and Quetico, that's a dream of mine also, right along with several wild rivers in Canada, and dreamy little lakes in the Adirondacks, and canoe camping the entire length of the 5 great rivers that feed Chesapeake Bay, and......doing a week of rivers in each of these state; Arkansas, Missouri, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennesse, and Virginia. I'd also like to canoe a major portion of the Lewis and Clark trail. I've found it's often easier to paddle solo than to rely on other persons. Or join a club that regularly leads trips into the areas I'm wanting to go. For example the Chesapeake Paddlers Association leads an annual 6 day trip in the Adirondacks. I've not done the BWCA or Quetico yet because both are a two day drive from where I live and there are tons of semi-wild places closer to home that I can visit.
Lets team up

Since were both in the same boat, (did I just say that?!) Why not work on developing ourselves as a trip team? I have 3 weeks vacation and a real flexible schedule. Nothing is too far away in my book. Pretty self sufficient in terms of outdoor skills and equipment. Lets continue working on this idea. Id love to finally establish a paddling partner. Send me a message at Splinter.
Thanks for the invitation

Jim, thanks for the invitation....I've already signed on for a trip with Ed Gertler for 10/28-10/29. Otherwise I'd take you up on your offer. Enjoy your trip, and hopefully I'll paddle with y'all at another time.