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Is it just me or...

Has anyone else ever had one of those days where you keep making rookie mistakes, and you wonder if your canoe will ever get to the water? Like all you're doing is making a rather shapely piece of firewood?

Geez... Had a rough one today... There are times when boat #1 here is handing it to me.

Hope this doesn't come across as needy - it's only because of all you fine folks I've gotten even this far.
My thoughts

We learn from our mistakes.
If we make no mistakes we learn nothing.
The more mistakes we make, the more valuable we become.
Sometimes it is good to walk away because that gives our head time to solve the problems our hands have created. Then when we go back, things are better.

Mistakes are good. Sometymes.
To quote a song I heard Gordon Bok sing.

"Do something, even if its wrong,
It'll make sense before too long."
Hey Nick,

The thing about wood canoes is everything is replaceable.

On my 1st restoration, I installed 4-5 ribs 3 times before I was happy with the job. But I learned and now I have a process I use each time, and it works for me.

I had a guy tell me several years ago, "If you aren't making mistakes, you aren't doing anything". Never forgot that.
Coupla Things...


One of my favorite books, by a fellow named Henry Petrosky, is "To Engineer is Human." His thesis is that without failure one never finds the limits of what is possible. Sometimes I think I'm busy finding the limits of failure itself!

Also, I am reminded of a day in forestry school/camp as we were finishing drafting our summer survey projects. This was in the days of old drafting tools and loose ink. We had been surveying in a forest which was dotted with old carbon kilns. One of my mates dropped a blob of ink on his map just as he was finishing it. He simply labeled it "carbon kiln" and passed it in!

I'll bet things are going better for you by now.