A Fish or two


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Had a paddle in the rain.Threw out the line and darned if I didnt start catching some fish.Took a few pictures.These are Dolly Varden and are still swimming ,as I shook them.Then it was time for a drying fire and tea


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For whatever reason I couldnt load a 4th picture.I also cannot reply to my thread with another picture!!

Thanks for the photos that did come thru. Never been too far north so never caught a dolly varden before. We have both warm and cool water fisheries in Michigan. Today i stained the deck. Origianlly planned to go fly fishing but didn't. Saturday was fishing the inshore bays of Lake Huron for Small Mouth. It is sight fishing in shallow water. The fish really like pearl Zonkers, by the way. I hope to get up to the Holy Waters before too long.
Thanks Dave.Locally they can get to 20lbs or better.these ones are small and need to swim for awhile.Smallmouths would be fun,I can imagine flyfishing small poppers for them something Ive read about
I was looking at the size of the photo I couldnt post seems its 1.3 mbs and the others are under the size allotment.So no fire picture.