A Fall Paddle


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Today turned out to be an OK day,so I decided to head out for a quick paddle.
The bilge rat and I.There was a strong headwind starting out.We paddled over to a south facing slope to look for chantrelle mushrooms found enough for a feed,not too many around this year.
Watched a few Western Grebes fishing and heading south as well as quite a few Redbreated Nuthatches and Ruby and Yellow Crowned Kinglets.


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Yep, it's that time of year. Somebody asked me a while back why I decided to paint my Guide yellow, instead of the more common, dark green. This is why I painted it this color. I've had this image, or one like it, stuck in the back corner of my brain for several years now and it just seemed like the color that the boat needed to be (although in the mental image it wasn't 85 degrees in October like it was last weekend - I'd originally pictured myself in a nice wool shirt).


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Wonderful pictures, thanks.

Dogs don't like PFDs, do they? My dog thinks she is being punished...rolls on her back in that submissive doggie position that says "I'm sorry". The PFD proved useful, though, when I realized she'd gotten too fat for it, and needed to go on a diet.
Thanks for the replies.
Nothing like wool for a fall paddle or colder weather Nice Picture Todd .All my fleece have various size of melt holes
Never have tried a dog PFD The dog is on their own if I tip


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Great stuff Dan. Enjoyed the same paddle in the Lac Le Jeune area on Wednesday. Great time of year but winter is certainly in the air. Soon be suffering from cabin fever.
Field Guide

Not to cause undue panic, Dan, but I thought chantrelles were ORANGE!??:eek: :D

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Howdy Fitz
Right you are, mostly they are yellow to orange.The ones in the picture never made it into the soup pot, but they are a white Chanterelle (cantharellus subalbidus) If you look close you can see a slight orange tinge to them ,the camera washed out some of the colour.
The old -if it looks like, smells like it, taste like it ,it must be it rule falls by the wayside in mushroom picking. A person has to know what he collects.