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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Coming from the great Northeast, and specifically around Boston, I am sure many of you have heard of the Charles River....."I love that dirty water.....ooowww Boston you're my home". Glad you can't hear me sing!

Anyhow, the upper reaches of the Charles River, from it's headwaters in Millis, MA. where you would think your out in the wilderness somewhere, it meanders as only a river can through town after town, with oxbows and streams to explore. Right down to the wide open river separating Boston and Cambridge down to the famous Esplanade.
There are a couple portages to accomplish around the few water falls along the way. But packing a lunch, or a fishing rod for large and smallmouth bass is always a great experience. And boy do river bass pull.
Or simply put away the paddle and drift with the current, watching the red winged blackbirds, the red tail hawks, herons, egrets, osprey, and any number of other birds along some now clean water.
All in all it's great place to paddle away the days.
Charles River

Dave, give some thought to joining the Norumbega Chapter of the WCHA here in Southern New England. In 2006 we paddled, in sections, the Charles all the way from Millis to the site of the former Norumbega Park in Auburndale, the home of J.R. Robertson's famous canoe factory. This summer we have many events planned including the Charles. Chapter information is always published in the Wooden Canoe magazine.
Norumbega Park

You're the second person today to remark about the Norumbega chapter.
I'm old enough to remember the amusement park:eek:

But that's a thought I might just follow up on.........hmmm, I wonder if my brother still has his Oldtown that needs recanvassing?

Thanks for the response, and the invite!
Norumbega Park

Dave, I also am old enough to remember the Norumbega Park. The Norumbega chapter has quite a few members who are old enough. It's a great group, and you really ought to hook up with us for a paddle. We see some great spots. Regards, Tom
Those were the good old days!...I am formerly from Malden and have many memories from there...Especially those dances with all the lanterns
and all those eligble young ladies;) Sounds like you have a great chapter
down there...Best wishes to all. Living in Maine now and loving it!

"Its not how many strokes of the paddle it takes, rather it is the JOY that
is in the journey."................blue Viking