2010 asssembly

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hello everyone just got back from assembly, this was the first that i have attended. it was greater than i anticipated. if anyone who reads this and is close enough to attend, i would strongly encourage them to make it! my 21 yr old daughter went with me. she took some great photos but i don't know how to attach them i will try to get her to do it later.
Agreed - if you have a bunch of good ones, I recommend you upload them to Picasa or Flickr.

It's easy, free and many more people will see them than if they're only here. We want a link though, of course!
Just a reminder that for those of you that paddled in the pond during Assembly that the pond has invasive aquatic plants. Fanwort was found in a large part of the pond.

Invasive plants are accepted widely. In Maine they are not.

Please wash your boat and trailer and especially if you had rigging deployed as in a sailing canoe. Most likely you would like to keep your home lake clean. It takes but one tiny plant fragment to help spread invasives.
Webshot Phot LINK 40+

GANG: Sunny 90 degree temp everyday , FUN for all ages. Have Libreary Wi-Fi sitting on sidewalk this am . Here is a LINK for about 40 pics . ADD captions later .

.. WONDERFUL Event , kids having a BALL also, here in New Hampshire ,co http://community.webshots.com/album/578189831ZAdVdellege.

or this LINK
Will ADD more another time , AUCTION this afternoon.
Also try LINK http://community.webshots.com/user/SPLIT49 . ENJOY . Sitting in Sun at moment. Again EARLY trial Wi-Fi .?
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Here are a few I took of folks paddling on the Tully Trip and in the early morning. There are more unedited photos on the webshots link below.






Album is here: