1941 OT Yankee


Skin-on-Frame Builder
Well, I did it. After years of badgering by Cavanaugh, I bought an Old Town for a restoration project. Mike got me the build record for #131165 16, but I'd like to know more about the Yankee model.

I understand that it was a livery/camp model? Thanks for any light you wise folks can shed on this boat.

Alan Mapes
Delmar, NY
Welcome to the Dark Side, Al. Sorry I'm not down there to help you drown your sorrows with a pint...

The Yankee was indeed first introduced as the Livery model in 1913. They emphasized how the additional beam lended greater stability to a shorter canoe. In 1920, they changed the model name to Yankee which they used through 1956. The hull remained unchanged over this time, though the sweep of the sheer diminished with time. Sometime around 1956-1957, Old Town retired the 16' Otca molds, and substituted the Yankee molds for the Otca, thus the late model Otcas in 16' lengths are really Yankees, which are really Liverys. Clear as mud?