18' Gerrish

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
18' Gerrish, later perhaps? No evidence of cane lashings. One broken inwale, one bad stem....


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Hi Chris--

I'll attach a picture of our "late" Gerrish, which has a carry thwart but a different deck and open gunwales. We assume it's one of his later canoes because of the open wales and lack of lashings. Our canoe has one original seat, different from your canoe's but like other Gerrish seats with the wire side pieces. Our other Gerrish-esque canoe (not a confirmed Gerrish) has a seat with four wooden elements, as with your canoe, but without any holes-- the reed is all wrapped around.

Are there any two Gerrish canoes that are alike?

The stenciling on the planking of our confirmed-Gerrish says E. H. Gerrish >builder< Bangor, ME. Would be interesting to know how many others are stenciled in this manner... and if it's a "late Gerrish thing".


Hey Chris, I hope you end up with it? When you get a chance to look at that could you do me a small favor and try to find a serial number on the stem and let me know what it is. I am starting a log.

Thanks Zack
Congrats Chris,

You are finding them. :)


btw, haven't forgot about you, not sure when I'm going to take a trip back, so let me know if I need to.
I do hope/plan to get back at least once this lat summer/fall.