16' Sailing Canoe

Emerson Bornman

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Help Please. What is this? 16' x 31.5" x 12".


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Looks like a Peternut. Probably a Pal or equivelant. If it has a serial number on the stem, then it likely includes a model number, which would tell us if it was built by Peterborough or Canadian Canoe Co. If there is no number, or a number that does not include a model number, then it is likely a Chestnut.

The mast step was probably a user addition.
Wish I could read that number on the stem!....Sure looks like my 16 "CHESTY". Mine was delivered to Squam Lake in 1965 as a birthday present and had the Chestnut decal on it..... If you can get the serial #'s and post them theres a chance to date it by the number comparison...I THINK! (IF they are in the same ball park that is!>..)/B]
Don't think its a Peterborough.Step doesn;t match and may be a later addition,as are the seats.Any sign of a decal?Don't think Chestnut built a dedicated sailing canoe though freighters and such were equipped with a mast partner.The inwales appear a little heavy for a Chestnut.
Still looks worth restoring.
Definately a Chestnut/ Peterborough 1960's/1970's. Mast base has been added later. Everything else is right including the cane pattern in the seats. Need a serial number or deck decal shape to determine whether it was sold as a Chestnut or Peterborough. In Canada many were sold through Eatons with no labels.
Thanks for the replies. There are no numbers visible on the stems. I can see no evidence of any labels. Perhaps one is hidden under the paint.