16' old town # 160734


I would appreciate any information regarding an Old Town wood and canvas canoe, serial # 160734. I'm in the middle of restoring it and would like to get some sort of history of it. I was fortunate to have purchased it a year ago and was looking to see what the original colour might have been.
thank you.
Ot 160734


This canoe was shipped on March 15, 1954 to North Easton, MA., as a 16' model OTCA in CS (common sense) grade. It was built with a keel and the original color was dark green. A build record is attached.

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Ric Altfather


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16' old town

Thanks for the information on the canoe. I'm new at this, so it's my assumption this is a "plain jane " model? I'll be looking to join today, you have been a great deal of help already.:)
Plain Jane?


In my opinion, a cedar/canvas canoe is not a plain jane canoe...sit one next to a production plastic canoe and see what attracts the attention. With that said, your canoe is what I would call a standard spec'd canoe. Standard stock color, standard trim and meant to be used. I have attached a hull cross section for comparing and follow the below website to see what the popularity of the different models has been.

Good luck with the restoration and get out on the water.




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I stand corrected

You are right, wood and canvas is not a "plain jane" model. with that being said you answered my question with the second part of your answer. I must admit I saw the ad for this canoe in the local newspaper for $650.00 and decided what the hay I might as well as go look at it for the boys and all. It was on the wall all covered with dust and lo and behold I bent over to look underneath(saw that it was wood and canvas) and I felt as though I struck gold. It also came with some gear as well as an egg beater motor and the bracket as well. Needless to say you were right It's a mistake on my part to refer to it as a "plain jane". I had just taken the canvas off last night due to a lot of cracks in the paint and the canvas was raised in those areas. There was a lot of sand between the planking and the canvas which explains a lot of the bumps in the canvas. Hopefully we will be back together for the summer time willing.
thanks again