16' Chestnut Serial #54017


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I have a Chestnut canoe, Serial #54017. It is !5'9" long at the stems. The beam at the gunwales is about 36 1/2". The center depth is about 13". Can anyone tell me a bit about this model canoe and its heritage?

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Fred Cole
Marquette, MI

Kathryn Klos

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Hello Fred

Others here know a whole lot more about Chestnut than I do... but there's a comprehensive book titled "When Chestnut was in Flower". I believe Denis requested it from Peter White Library but can't recall if they said they'd be getting it in.

I see that you hail from our vacinity-- Denis and I would love to have you stop by sometime... we're in Beaver Grove, at the base of Green Garden Hill. 906-249-2020 (my #) 906-249-4409 (Den's #).

I think Denis is luring Brian this way... we could almost have a mini-assembly!


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The serial # won't help you on a Chestnut. Sounds like you have a later model 16' Chestnut Pal or Deer.