16/30 renovation started

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
couple of shots of deckbeams as old deck comes off. originally canvassed and not battened, not going back on like this. now to fair the hull before the canvas once the rest is off. No pencil Rushton or Gilbert autograph so far, darn.:mad:


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Nice Joinery.
Look on the deck beams and under the mast partner(use a mirror,I know your head don't fit).Mahogany deck?What are the beams?

some of the blocking ( what i can see so far) is pine, believe it or not the deck beams look like maple - they're hardwood but not ash. most of the trim was cedar, as is the decking. hopefully the old girl fairs well without using the wood eraser too much, dont want to get into dealing with new ribs what with rivets and all. If all goes well going back with a bright deck, tubbed cockpit, although if I leave the centerboard case alone, which I'm aiming for, it wont be a self bailer but we can at least limit its holding capacity. Going to go with a clamp on hiking board since its not been sailed and none was present. looking like improved bailey main and mizzen. it'll be so sexy...:cool:


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