$12,000 duluth pack


A family heirloom? All that rhetoric. An ebayer with nearly 8,000 sales? And only now, 8,000 transactions later does he say, "hey, I think I'll sell the family heirloom"?

My guess is that it came in a box lot at an estate auction for $5.

someone please tell me if i'm wrong but this seems like nonsense to me. Even if it was Anna Nicole Smith's or Michael Jackson's it still would not have that kind of value.

Does anyone have expertise in vintage camping equipment values?
Dave -- I didn't know that Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson were wilderness canoeists.

This thing's been listed since October. The listing was modified 41 times in October, and another 10 times since then. The "buy now" price was modified 7 times in October, and twice since October, with the last modification just before !:00 today.

I don't know the price history of this thing (except for the change from asking $12,000 to $49,999 today), or specifically what the other 50 changes in the listing were.

If it is true that this is a very early pack, or a prototype pack, it might have some extra value for the Duluth Pack company (although the company apparently was not interested in buying it at whatever price the owner wanted), but otherwise I wouldn't think that it's value as an antique would be more than a few hundred $$$, if that. But then, the seller does offer free shipping!

Looking at his feedback. the seller seems to usually trade in leather jackets, bags and packs, and various boots and shoes. Antiques do not seem to be his usual thing.

It seems that something quite hincky (or worse) is going on with this listing. It is very unusual to raise the selling price (by a factor of 4!) for something that has been unsuccessfully listed for the better part of a year during a depression.
I had originally posted a blurb about this on my site back in Oct of '09 when the seller had listed for $100, 000 !

The main thing the seller claims which makes this specific pack seem unique is the date stamped on the brass plate:

"PAT D Nov 10, 1882"

Apparently, Poirer's official US letter of patent is dated Dec 12, 1882. For this reason, the seller believes this to be a worthy prototype of some sort.

What caught my attention, though, was this video documentary about Duluth Pack's history, which features a closeup of another pack with the identical NOV 10 brass plate (see 0:19 mark of the video). The one in the video isn't covered in the green oxidized patina like the sellers. I've seen other pics of faded "Poirer A2" packs that also sport this brass plate so it may in fact have been standard issue for this style of pack for many years. Don't think the seller really has the original prototype as claimed unless he/she can offer some other sort of proof as to its providence.