Pack Basket Plans/Directions?


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I was thinking it might be fun to build/weave my own ash pack basket. Does anyone know of a book or where I may find directions for the pounded, brown ash, Maine variety?

I found a few courses on the web, but couldn't find any books.
Howdy Fitz,
I tried this once when I had access to a black ash.I think shovelling snow would be easier,but then you can only shovel so much then it isnt fun anymore ,right.
There is a book called Crafts of the North American Indians R. C. Schneider 1972.
I also have a bulletin put out by the US Gov't years ago You will have to give me some time to locate it.
Been so busy lately I owe just about everyone an email
Looked for the bulletin

Pounding out the splints from a Black Ash is traditional as well as White Oak and results in a nicer finished basket
If you live anywhere near a veneer mill you might be able to purchase scraps from them in which to use as weavers Good baskets were usually built on a form
My basket didnt turn out that well but that was a long time ago.Then they invented girls.
So I can step you through some of the process if you need help.
Ill keep looking for that pamphlet.
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I have a pattern from them that would make a nice basket if followed. I'm on my third and each one gets better. These are made from reed not ash. I'm waiting until I'm happy with the low cost materials before starting on one made from ash. sells all of the materials needed to make either kind. It is a lot cheaper to buy one from Piragis than to make one, especially from ash, if the first one or two don't turn out to your satisfaction. It is fun however and a good way to spend some time when below zero weather makes the shop too hard to heat. They look especially nice in a freshly varnished W/C canoe.