110433122720 Ebay canoe

Looks like an O.T. Otca that someone messed with- changes stem profile at least one one end, added the round caps to the stems and put in some really funky thwarts.

It looks like an early Otca to me as well. Built in the teens prior to Old Towns use of diamond head bolts. It likely had outside stems at one time that were removed. The resulting exposed inside stem was too wide for a standard brass stem band so a wider piece of copper was employed - 1/2" copper plumbing pipe? It would be a real nice canoe fixed up correctly, but not for me.

Jim C.
This is a canoe that would be nice to inspect in person. I was hoping that somebody would do so. The decks, coamings and rails appear to be Old Town OTCA, pre-1920. The thwarts look like Penn Yan. The planking pattern in the quarters shown in the photos, is definitely not Old Town, maybe Carleton, probably not. The stem profile doesn't really indicate Old Town either. Old Town made so many different seat designs that the seats could be OT or???. The carriage bolts were probably added later, because neither OT nor PY usually used them. The slotted screws don't rule out Penn yan if it were an early model. My best guess is that the first character stamped into the stem,if there is anything stamped into it, is an "R".For whatever reason, it would be interesting to know.