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Smashed in half Tremblay

Discussion in 'Wood and Canvas' started by Douglas Ingram, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Scot T

    Scot T LOVES Wooden Canoes

    Mark, guitars work remarkably well as canoe paddles (and some I've made were much more useful as that than their intended funtion) although the electric ones are the best due to their thinner profile. Don't forget to unplug them know "Shocking Experience" and all that...

    I, however, have not been able to obtain any kind of remarkable tone from a canoe paddle no matter how I string it up. Maybe it's just my limitations as a luthier, I don't know. But I have made very nice thwarts from "failed guitar necks", very nice indeed.

    Andre, in my experience, Sipo is a beautiful wood, lovely to work, takes a finish wonderfully and is very like Mahogany and/or Spanish Cedar (which are traditionally used in guiter necks) but is a bit too porus for the best sounding guitars. Thus it's "failed" statis. However, it does look mighty fine as trim on a canoe.

    The woods for guitars and canoes are much the same. Good, clear, vertical grain cedar; clean, straight spruce; some blemish free hardwoods for form and a bit of far away exotics for color. The woodworking skills for each are much the same; steam bending, tight joints, tacking it all together securely, tweek here and there for that perfect tune/trim and finally finishing it off with some masterful varnish work and we're all set to play Handel's "Water Music".

    Seems like a perfect match to share the shop to me.

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