It floats!


Four years ago, Sept.'05, we took our project canoe, a 1936 OT Yankee, to Northwoods Canoe Co. for restoration class. At the end of the week, Rollin, Peter and Paul, send us home to finish our project. All we had left was varnish, paint, install seats and stem bands. With one coat of paint remaining, I had to get it out of the KITCHEN for the holidays. Then life happened, and were does the time go? This Fall it got its last coat of paint, and it floats. Today we had a fun, satisfying afternoon at Harvey's Lake PA, mild temp., some wind, perfect Fall day. We're glad we got it on the water before it needed its next restoration.
Dave & Peggy Davidson


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Nice job of restoration....and this thread certainly proves "good things are worth waiting for"....thanks for sharing
Hi Peggy and Dave!

Beautiful work-- love seeing the picture of you, enjoying your labors!

You are certainly waaay ahead of us! But maybe by next summer, the one of ours that's been half-done for many moons will see water...

The UFO, by the way, is happy on a canoe rack near many others, awaiting restoration.