Wrinkled Canvas

Red Dog

New Member
After applying finish coat, 2 weeks passed and canvas wrinkled vertically
and horizontally. Any advice?
Wet wood?

I had this happen once because the wood was still holding moisture when I canvased it . With the canvas filler applied the wood shrank in about a week but the canvas didn't . I tried many things but recanvasing the canoe once again was the only remedy .
Before you give up and recanvas it, try loosening the canvas at the sheer line, two or three ribs at a time, pull it tight and reattach it. Start in the center and work systematically toward the bow and stern. I lucked out and did not have to un-tack the stems. I've had to do this on two occasions after canvasing and filling in high humidity.
This happens often enough. Let it get cold and the canvas will equalize its tautness, then stabilize. If that doesn't work, retighten like Dave says.