wooden canoe plans


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am trying to find some plans for a single person, flat water canoe. I am wondering if there is a book out there? The projects should be geared towards someone starting out.

peter osberg

LOVES Wooden Canoes
There are nice line drawings in Adney and Chapelle for 12 ft singles (page 112). I have made 2 of these and they are very nice paddlers.

David Niles

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Wood canoe plans/book

There is a book "Building Sweet Dream" by Mark Pettingill, published by Tiller, that in great detail (261 steps) tells how to build a ultralight solo canoe. They are built from marine ply in a process called tortured plywood. By cutting darts in the scarfed 16' sheet of plywood, you can make it bend in two directions at once. This process gives a very shapely canoe for plywood stitch and glue construction. It can be built in three sizes to accommodate different size paddlers. I built three. The third I built at an Assembly about six years ago to fill a last minute void in the program.

The book may be out of print but would be easy to find with a used book search.