stripper plans

Bill Mackey

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I built a Chestnut Prospector a few years ago from the Canoecraft book. I have enough strips to build another canoe and am looking for plans for a 15' canoe that heels well, with a little bit of tumblehome and good handling. I know its out there somewhere and hope you can help me find the right plans.
I assume you have already looked at the "Bob's" and the "Ranger" in the Canoecraft book and decided against either. The "Bob's Special" is a sweet little boat. I've paddled a wood/canvas one (but not the stripper) and loved it. You can get the original plan from these guys
or stick with the Canoecraft which is supposed to be a little easier to strip build.

Another one that really catches my eye is the "Unity" from Alex Comb.
He sells station drawings for most of his boats. I purchased the plans for his Chestnut Pal. I'm planning to build it wood canvas this winter (I cannot do the epoxy thing any more so have to build my boats another way). They're not the most detailed plans but all you really need to build a great boat is there. He's a super nice guy and has lots of good info to impart.

Good luck.
Check out the specs for the 15" Mallard or the Goldeneye from Woodstrip Watercraft at <>
Al Bratton