willits tacks


Canoe Builder
I recently recieved two Willits canoes #774 and #822 in the shop. One I bought myself and one is a restoration for a customer. I"m looking for 1/2 inch copper tacks to match the ones in the canoes. Has anyone used the tacks supplied by Jamestown distributors or have other options? Thanks, Pete

Mark Adams

all wood nut
Pete, they don't exist. The best option is to get some shaker box tacks, and spin down the heads. The gauge is right, but the heads are huge.

Gary Willoughby

Boat Builder
Jon Wilson at www.shakerovalbox.com makes copper tacks. His # 4 light trimmer is listed at 7/16 " long the ones I have mike out at .46 inches long with a 5/32 " head
.i6 inches . Seams like a while back someone found a company that would make them but had to buy 20 lbs. don't know how that ever turned out.