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Hi all. I got just a few White Canoe Co. vinyl decals made up. If anyone is interested, I can sell a few for $15.00 pc to help me offset my costs. I posted a question before about anyone ever seeing a White with a decal rather than a deck plate. So, far, is mine the only one?


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Any idea when White used this decal? Range in years?

This one is off of my '46 16 foot Sport model;) . Hmmmm, possibly still a shortage of brass from the war? Although, it does have brass tacks. I bet thats why they made decals though, dont you think?
Would this company be the same ones that made the Boy Scout canoes?The planking on the two that I am getting ready to restore have that lapped planking but both are so well used that there is no trace of any decals or such...They do have serial numbers, so I will be looking for confirmed date of manufacture at some point to guesstimate their consturction time period when they are done...........ALSO.......Wonder if they ever did mark them anywhere to show who made them... These are going to my grandsons when they get into Boy Scouts...one will be grey with confederate markings and the other will be blue with yankee markings, one will be the Merrimac and the other will be the Monitor....Can you picture the battles?.....LOL
Sounds like it to me, cool idea painting that North vs South color scheme. They did have a scout designed model as well.
It looks like a Old Town "square stern paddling canoe" , If you post the serial #, we can try to verify that way.
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Boats sometimes have their numbers on the transom edge or the brace. The deck looks Penn Yan to me, and if so there may be a number somewhere. Penn Yan built a code into their serial numbers that may lead to a date, or at least a model. But I don't know where the number might be on a boat such as this.