Where's my issue?

We haven't received it either, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It isn't uncommon for it to take a while... some parts of the country get the journal earlier than others.
Received my 'advance' copy yesterday, so sure it is coming soon. Glad to see it is missed!
I got my "advance" copy and regular copy on Friday. Well after the folks on the southern tier...
Denis and I both got ours a couple days ago... and we're close to the border!

It's a great issue, by the way... lots of pictures from the Assembly.

Well, it's now November, "trick or treat" has come and gone, but still no October issue of the Journal. That's not good but, then, I am still hopefully awaiting the arrival of my copy of June 2008, which has never shown up either. I figure someone with a shortage of reading material likely borrows them along the way, and content myself with thinking that perhaps I've helped to raise 'canoe awareness' amongst the broader public.
When my copy did not arrive I assumed the same and renewed my membership. The magazine showed up the next day! Apparently our association is doing a better job of managing itself the than the article in this months magazine suggests..... whoops, forgot, you have not read that one yet. Sorry.;)