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Curious about Wooden Canoes

I need to recanvas my canoe. All the (many Layers) of paint and varnish will have to be stripped before I can remove the screws that hold the outwalls and keel. Should I take a utility knife and remove canvas so I can start stripping everything at once?
Thank You!
If questions seem elementary it is because this is my first canoe project.
First unscrew the outwales, the keel if you have one, and also the brass stem bands on the ends. Then pull off the canvas, it'll be nailed at the gunwale line and around the ends. You shouldnt need a drywall knife but if you use one, be careful not to cut into the planking. You may need to cut the joint with one where the gumwale meets the canvas if there is alot of paint. Just get those outwales off and the canvas will pull off. I'm assuming its canvas and not fiberglass. Then you can strip the varnish. Good luck!
I was looking up some YouTube videos, per Greg Nolan's suggestion-- I've made a few canoe-related videos but none following a step-by-step restoration.

Others here can give you tips from their personal experiences, but I did find some interesting videos... this one isn't mine, but may show you something helpful at this point in your restoration:


It seems that's simply "part one", but if you're familiar with YouTube, you should see the other parts listed to the right... or if you click on the screen name of the video-maker.

Here's an interesting video on canvassing a canoe. There are several canvassing methods, and this is "the upside-down method, with clamps"... this video displays some of the general air of camaraderie that exists in a "canvassing party". Made by someone called "Fitz"...


I'll keep looking for more...