What is the purpose of this cut?

ken mueller

Canton, Ohio
I have noticed on several, probably most, decks, a cut along the inside bottom of the deck. The cut rounds off the bottom edge of the deck so that there is not a sharp edge coming from underneath by the cant ribs. Just wondering the purpose of this. Transporting? Weight saving? Just curious.
Relieving the underside of the deck does make it more comfortable to lift the canoe there (though heart-shaped decks aren't all that comfortable anyway, and it is not the best way to lift a canoe in any case...).

I think the best reason is that it gives the deck, and the bows of the canoe, a much lighter, graceful appearance, without sacrificing strength.
Dan's absolutely right. Its primarily to add grace to the deck, otherwise it can really look like just a slab of lumber stuck into the ends.
Forgot to add a photo showing how much I like to undercut. I like to undercut a lot.


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