What a blast!

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Had my sailing canoe out for the second time and what a blast!! I know very little about sailing but just jumped in with both feet(no pun intended). I will be at the assembly ready to learn more!
Wheres those pictures

Come on, someone must have recorded the event....:eek:


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I was alone, white knuckled and wasnt going to reach for the camera! I'm hoping my newfound sailing canoe friends will take some at the assembly.:)
sailing canoe but no sail

Ah the reward of a rebuild. Took the first born for a paddle 'round the conservation area. Not exactly the wild, but he did great. Even saw two blue herons. Success.:)
Next time we'll step the mast and give it a go with the boy as ballast...


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Were you out on Lake Macatawa? I was back over there Fri/Sat and saw there was a small boat regatta in town. Lots of sails on the water.

Lake Mac would be a great place to hold a sailing canoe race, or just evening sailing to watch the sunset and drink adult beverages.

Great you have one to play with! Now I have another boat for my ever expanding Jones!