Mast & Etc. Specs.

Max Peterson

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The sailing canoe that I have is an 18', 1941 Old Town Otca CS. I have most of the accessories, but no mast, and the gaff and boom need to be re-made. I will also need a sail. Was there a standard size of sail for this size boat? If so, what would be the specs on the mast, boom, and gaff? It has also had floor boards that are missing. Can anyone provide drawings with measurements for these or perhaps be bringing them to the Assembly where I could take dimensions?
There really was no standard size for the sail on Old Town sailing canoes. The 1941 catalog listed sails in various sizes from 40 square feet to 75 square feet. The 40 was the Boy Scout standard and the 45 was the American Canoe Association standard. You could even have an 18 foot canoe as shown at with a 45 and a 55 square foot sail. More information about the dimensions of the various Old Town sails and rigs can be found at once you decide what size you want.

There will be many canoes at the Assembly with floor racks to measure. You can also search this forum for messages on that topic. The ones at and are a good place to start. Feel free to reply here if you have other questions.

Benson, If it weren't obviously a very old picture (of the sponson canoe with two sails), that could be a photo of you! Personally, I wish it were me; that fellow looked like that could've been a fun ride.

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