Western wood/canvas restoration shops


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a mid 60's 18' Old Town Guide canoe in need of restoration. It requires some new ribs, planking and recanvas. I live in Colorado, and am curious if anyone is aware of a good restoration shop in the W. US. Looking at other internet resources, it seems most shops are located in the East.
Overall the canoe is in pretty good shape, though my family used it heavily over the years, including some white water use which cracked it up a bit.
I am also interested in getting a sailing rig for this canoe, along the lines of the 55 sq. ft. lateen setup that Old Town used to sell. Any leads helpful, thanks,
Bill H.
While I'd be happy to work on your canoe for you, (thanks for the plug, Scott) you can find a listing of other canoe builders and restorers at WCHA's builder's supply list at: http://www.wcha.org/buildsupply/index.html The listings are by state or province.

You can also find lots of websites for builders at: http://www.wcha.org/builders/index.cgi

At that site the listings are arranged alphabetically so it may be harder for you to search out those builders in the West.