Vintage Canadian Open Canoe - Help and Advice please


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Hi, An elderly neighbour (late 80's and not internet savy) has been clearing out thier garage and is looking to offload a vintage canoe that his wife and her late husband used to use.

Is there somebody here that could advise us regarding sale of this e.g. best starting place, possible price range - if it has a value then he would like to achive a realistic price. It requires some renovation but is generally in good condition and he thinks dates to early 1900's. Purchased in UK in 1962 but was second hand then, not sure if originally imported from Canada possibly.

It is of wooden construction, 15ft long, has ribs approx every 1 & 3/4 inches, 3 seat spars and two decks. One deck has a brass ring for a sail or flag. There is a number stamped on a seat spar but no makers name... 0296 then 15 (for 15ft?) and then possibly V2

My photos of it are here -

Many thanks, Darren
Thanks Dick, That's great news. I had a quick look at the Lakefield Canoe Co details. What features were most telling to give it away for you...many of the designs look similar to me but I note you are a proffesional and no doubt have seen many of these.
REgards, Darren

The give-away was the thwart blocks with the serial number/length, but also thwart shape and deck details. Lakefield is only 15 minutes away from Buckhorn, so yes a few Lakefield canoes have actually passed through my hands.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop