Unknown Canoe ID Challenge....


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
In Memoriam
I just returned from a camping trip to the North Maine Woods with my son, my father and some friends. We used Squirrel Pond, located approximately 40 miles west of Ashland as a base camp.

We found the remains of a wood canvas canoe at the campsite. All that remained was the bow and it had been heavily modified and fiberglassed. No serial number was present on the stem. The tacks were copper, the planking wide and the ribs narrow. The profile did not look like an Old Town, in that the recurve of a Guide was not there, although it may have been cut down.

Here are a few photos. Any ideas?

If you are looking for a real restoration challenge, it is still there, but only a matter of time before someone decides to start a fire with the remains.


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