Rollin Thurlow

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In the world of things you never expect, I just found out from the foundry that cast the clinching irons that there will be a significant delay in orders and increase in price. The pig iron that they use had come from the Mariupol, Ukraine steel mill. Of course with all the tragedy that is going on at that site, and country, this is a small issue but it does bring to home that our economy is so interdependent upon the rest of the world.
There is no need to start stock piling new clinching irons order. I still have a good supply on hand.
The best thing we can do is continue to support a democratic Ukraine any way we can.
I also had a customer that was building wood and canvas canoes in Ukraine in the town of Sumy, very near the Russian border. The town was bombed and overrun early in the war but has since been retaken by the Ukraine forces. Andrey had to evacuate but was able to return and was fortunate that his house and small shop had survived. They still hear Russian missiles flying overhead but not aimed at Sumy anymore.
Again, we need to continue our support until this aggression can be stopped.