troubleshooting station moulds


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Wow, do I appreciate this forum. I have started my first strip canoe. Am trying to save money. Not much experience with woodworking. Anyway, am building the chestnut prospector from Ted Moores book. Followed all offsets. Checked and double checked. Transferred them to the wood. Cut the moulds. My question is this...The stem is two to three inches higher than the rest of the moulds. Being a first-timer, it seems to me, especially as I view pics from Moores' book, that the stem should be about even with the other moulds down the keel line as it sits on the strongback. But, all the other moulds are about two to three inches below the stem. Where have I gone wrong?

Thank you so much!

Mike Ferraguti
Fort Lauderdale, FL