Todd Bradshaw rocks!

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Wow, just picked up my Canoe Rig book by Todd, what a great book. Top notch, illustrations are so cool!!!! Writing just as good. Hats off to you Todd, something to be proud of! One of the nicest books in my collection. I'm new to canoe sailing, so it will come in handy.
He's introduced a lot of people to canoe sailing, that's for sure. You might also enjoy his articles in Canoe Sailing Magazine.
This week, for the first time in quite a while I haven't had to shovel any snow. We still have quite a bit sitting around in piles looking like dirt-flavored snow-cones but no new stuff. Last time I saw the weather they were saying we could get six more inches tonight, but I don't know what the current forecast is. The dog decided he will only drink from his outside water bowl this week and won't touch the one in the house, so maybe that's a sign of spring coming - although it's pretty funny to watch him trying to break through the ice every morning to get a drink.
Tiller question

Todd, I noticed in your book that it is vital that the pivot axis are in line with one another on the rudder mounts. My factory OT Guide clearly is not the case. They arent parallel, but at this point, I cant really move holes. It seems to pivot ok.
It depends on the type of gudgeon system and how much slop there is in it. If it's a normal sailboat-type system where there is a long-ish pintle or pin of some sort that fits snugly into a regular gudgeon, it chearly can't pivot in two directions at the same time. Other systems, which may be as basic as interlocked eye-bolts on canoes and still able to get the job done may allow other options. It was one of those things that I stuck in there in order to get people to think and plan very seriously before getting out the drill and perforating their boats - figuring that if most got it 85% correct they probably would be OK. I once did a lovely rudder installation in my wayward youth where the pins didn't line up properly and was quite surprised when the rudder wouldn't turn - a problem and repair brain-teaser the I don't plan to repeat and don't wish upon others. If there is any doubt about the ability of your rudder hardware to work properly with the installation that you have in mind, by all means try it first on a simple mock-up before doing any drilling on the boat.