Thoughts on an old Penn Yan?


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I have an old 16' Penn Yan canoe with the serial of GN250. I saw on the dragonfly website that these were made from 1948-1960. Does anyone have any idea from the number which end of this date range it may be? Also, I am looking to sell it and was wondering what a reasonable asking price might be for it? The inside is in fair to good shape, the gunwhales need some love, and the hull has been recovered in painted fiberglass. I have no clue if this is some rarity or if it is just a piece 'o that I would be luckly to get a $100 for. Thoughts anyone might have would be most helpful. Thanks!
$100 is probably close to what it is worth. You might try to get $300, but the fiberglass scares everyone who has ever removed any from an old canoe. Most people do not value a Penn Yan as much as an old Town
without seeing the canoe, I'd have to agree with Gil. I recently sold an HW w/sponsons and what I think is original canvas for 365. on ebay.