This could be disaster.

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I am leading the restoration of a Thompson 16'er. Teh work is being done by some of the men in my church. We dontate it at our wild game dinner. This will be our third.

I am trying to use readily available, off-the-shelf materials as much as I can for this project. Saturday we used Zinsser 1-2-3 water proof sealer for filler, working it in real good and not thick. It soaked in well.

Today I started to apply Rustoleum primer after sanding only to discover I had picked up Rustoleum Premiun latex primer. I meant to get enamel. So I figured I may be headed for disaster, but it could be a good thing. I won't know 'til later. It went on very smooth and filled the weave well. One more sand and paint and I expect the finish will be very smooth and ready for enamel color.

So--- I was wondering. Will it work?
Don't think you are suppose to put enamel over latex. :( Might want to contact Rustolium. Probably a phone number on the can label.
Latex primer and oil-based enamels are the usual when using the Cecofill method of filling canvas.

I think you're not supposed to put latex over enamel, but enamel over latex is ok. The filler is latex and it says that it bonds to enamel over it, so I assumed latex primer was similar. Good to know that enamel has been used over latex for cecofil. I am going to read the can closely and maybe call rustoleum.
Dan mentions it as part ot the cecofill (now called "Ekofill') filling process....
A good quality exterior latex primer will state on the can that it can be overcoated with oil based paint. I suspect that the rustoleum primer is compatable with their own oil based paints.
I haven't had any undesirable effects from that filling system as of yet.
I have found that I can save 7-8 lbs on a 17' canoe by using that system.
It is

The primer and enamel were side by side on the shelf. Thus my error. I intend to further press my luck some day by adding micro ballons to the primer. With this latex primer it may not be necessary.

Thanks for the input.

Anything new to report on your paint experience? I just finshed wet sanding my first coat of grey Valspar implement primer. I will let the surface dry over night and go with the 2nd coat tomorrow. It looks ok so far.
I like it.

The primer rolled on nicely. I have not put any color on yet but I could have right away. It seems like it is going to be very good. It's looking good.