The Canoe Builders of the Penobscot presentation

Benson Gray

Canoe History Enthusiast
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I will be giving a presentation titled "The Canoe Builders of the Penobscot" tomorrow at 6:30 PM in the Camden, Maine public library. More information is available at“the-canoe-builders-of-the-penobscot”-april-26/#more if you would like to attend. I will also be giving this same presentation at the Maine Canoe Symposium on June 12th. More information is available at on their web site.

It also occurred to me that some people here who can't easily get to Maine might be interested and a webinar could be an interesting experiment. Does anyone want to participate and what times would be best: weekday or weekend, mid-day or evening, other suggestions? Please post your thoughts here and we'll see if a consensus emerges. Thanks,

That sounds very interesting.
I think that you need to schedule the webinar at a time that is convenient for you.
Folks that are interested or that can attend will follow. "Build it and they will come".
I would suggest a slightly later tee time.
6:30 is a bit early and lands in the middle of dinner/commute or wrapping up at the end of the daytime for folks in the East.
7:00 might be better.