Temp. requirements for filling canoe?


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Hey folks,
Are there any requirements temperature wise for filling the canvas. I'm considering buying an 18' Ogilvy that requires inwale/outwale replacement and needs to be recanvased. I'd like to have the canoe done before spring, but at my speed it will be closing in on winter before I get any fill into it.

Is filling the canvas in the colder months an issue and will there be any concerns with the fill curing in the cold as well.

I have an insulated garage but do not keep it heated.



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I can't speak for all fillers, but this will applly to the filler from "Northwoods Canoe" and I quote! "Freezing temperatures will not hurt the filler but almost no curing will take place at cold temperatures so it will just take much longer to cure." So hard water is just around the corner and you will have all winter to cure.

another guess

I have used Bill Clements filler, applying in the winter in my unheated pole barn and left to cure for several months. I think application was above freezing and the barn usually warmed up in the sun several degrees everyday there was sun. It was well cured in three months.
One of the tricks I use to cure filler in the winter is to place it on the rack with 2 light buls (75 to 100 watt) underneath. The canvas and filler hold the heat in and it will cure much quicker.