Hello I am restoring a canoe in Oxford, England. Looking for some advice


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi My name is Robert

I have recently brought a wood and canvas canoe here in Northamptonshire, England which must be a strange place for it to end up.

I believe it is an American built canoe.

Using the information on-line I think it is either a Morris or Veazie canoe.

It unfortunately has no maker’s plates or identifying marks. I have looked at the suggested areas, on the end of the stem, up under the inwhales near the decks and under the thwarts. There are not even any signs, fixing holes, etc of any plates or markings ever been fitted.
The details which I think identify it as a Morris or Veazie are the stems which flare out at the inboard ends and the riveted stem bands. It has 2 pairs of cant ribs in the bow and stern which I believe are indicative of the earlier boats.

The canoe has been stored in near perfect conditions, upside down on racks in a shed at ambient temperatures and is in amazing condition for its age.

I have carried out the small timber repairs which were required and have recanvassed the hull following the excellent instructions in Rollin Thurlow and Jerry Stelmok's book and am now about to fill the canvas. I have selected a traditional mix which was listed on the WHCA website. I have mixed a trial quantity and tried filling some sample pieces of canvas but I am not sure that I have the right mix consistency or the correct finish on the canvas. I have tried the mix with two different ratios of silica, one with the quantity specified in the recipe and one with double the amount. The consistency does not change noticeably but the fill of the weave in the canvas is definitely thicker with the increased ratio of silica.

I would welcome any help or advice on what the filler should look like.
What should the consistency be? Mine is the consistency of thin cream/batter.

How should the canvas look after applying the filler? Should the weave still be slightly visible or should it have disappeared completely? Should the filler penetrate enough to make it show on the back surface?

There are a couple of pictures attached, one shows the canoe in its original state and the other with the canvas renewed. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Canoe before.jpg Canoe canvas.jpg